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An Example of Analysis

This is a response to an email query, and I offer it here as an analysis of how I would look at, read, and respond to a typical email exchange. 99% of the time I don't say anything, but for everything I read, this is the sort of thought process that runs through my mind. Just so you know. :)


Hello Mr. Downes,
Really enjoy your website on fallacies. As someone who aims for clear thinking, I was hoping to get your expert opinion on Commenter #2’s response to Commenter #1’s reply to Pat, particularly regarding fallacious logic. There was talk of a straw man, false equivalence using Black Lives Matter, and other errors.
In addition, Commenter #2 later accused #1 of a straw man by implicating Trump into the initial post by Pat.
For context: Pat and Commenter #1 are relatives and share political ideology.  Commenters #2 and #1 had never interacted until this exchange.
· Pat (original post): “I cannot believe that what I'm watching on the news is from 201…

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